Misty [Johnny Mathis]

"Misty" is a jazz standard written in 1954 by Erroll Garner. It may be the most popular request in the world for piano players. While Jim can also play this beautiful song on an 88-key piano, somehow "Misty" reaches a new level of 'tenderness' as a romantic ballad with the simplicity of 6-strings. This song has been covered by more recording artists and featured in more movies than can be mentioned in this space. It is a true classic.


Classical Gas [Mason Williams]

Originally released in 1968, this very recognizable and extremely challenging composition for guitar, earned its' composer, Mason Williams THREE Grammy Awards in 1969, then went on to log over five million broadcast performances becoming BMI's all-time number-one instrumental composition for radio air play! The song has recently gained popularity again, due to performances by Tommy Emmanuel.


A Penny For Your Thoughts [Peter Frampton]

Although known for his vocal Top-40 hits in the mid-1970s, with one of top selling recordings of all time, Mr. Peter Frampton penned this infectuously happy tune which always gets people smiling and tapping their toes.


Frisky Fingers [written by Jim Smith as Brandon St. James, from "Only Dreamers Understand"]

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